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Overcoming addiction

3:12 Transformation was a vision given to Faith Assembly of God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. We believe 3:12 Transformation can lead lost souls out of disparity and the chains of bondage that this life has become. We believe 3:12 Transformation will lead us into liberty, freedom and rebirth through Faith in Jesus Christ. No matter our background or circumstances, 3:12 Transformation gives us spiritual steps to overcome this world by the sacrifice our savior Jesus Christ made for each one of us!

3:12 Transformation are specific chapters and verses directly out of the books of the Bible. What makes 3:12 so unique and God given? Each verse used in this recovery program is from chapter 3 and verse 12 from different books of the Bible. It’s as if God gave us these steps, the order in which we are to complete them, and builds our Faith and hope for eternal life to overcome this world as we study each verse.

3:12 leads us through the following 4 steps that, when followed, will lead us out of bondage and into eternal life in Christ!

Inspiration – Purpose – Belief

3:12 is comprised of 26 different verses from the Bible. These are the words of God telling us of His love, mercy, forgiveness and transformation He has chosen for us if we choose to give our lives over to His care. On this journey we come to realize that Jesus Christ has done for us what we could never accomplish in this lifetime. He has laid down His life for us, so we could have life eternal with our Father in Heaven. We also believe 3 from 3:12 stands for much more than just a chapter in the Bible. It represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit…the Holy Trinity.

Through the power of the Holy Spirit,
We have access to the Son,
Who will bring us to the Father!